Stolen Moose Portrait Photo Albums


The Casey Family

Christmas is a wonderful time to refresh your family photos.  Stolen Moose Photography loved watching the Casey family laugh and play together.  Thank you for a great day on the square.  Enjoy the pictures.


David and Teanna

Stolen Moose Photography had a great time spending the day with David and Teanna on the old Georgetown, Texas square.  It was a beautiful day with a beautiful couple.  Enjoy the photos.


Jake and Colleen

A couple who does not need to pose.  Stolen Moose Photography had so much fun on this photo shoot.  This couple was so joyful, we decided to put every photo on the site for you to see.  Thanks for a great day.  Enjoy the photos.  


Byron and Betty

A couple with class and prestige.  Byron and Betty have been married 61 years and it's easy to tell they are still in love.  Enjoy.


Random Photos from Moose...