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Stolen Moose Photography


Who is Stolen moose?

Storey Len, the owner of Stolen Moose Photography, spent 30 years serving the public as an EMT and a Law Enforcement Officer. Stressful careers can often overpower one’s life. My stressful times resulted in grabbing a camera to find serenity in landscape photography.

We all have a story. We all have a vision. Sometimes the story out weighs the vision. In my case, my story transformed into my vision. As a homicide investigator, I watched people face difficult times through the death of a loved one. One particular occasion was especially trying when I had to deliver some devastating news to young children. During our conversation, one of the children could not say my name and just called me “Moose.” Just after, and for a split second, the kids began to laugh. One of the most difficult nights of my career became one of the most memorable.

Over time, my love for photography drifted to a vision of telling stories of peoples in my community through close up photography. My photos have told many stories, happy and sad. Years ago, I dedicated my new career to telling those stories. My business’ vision is to capture your memories as they happen.

I carry the name “Stolen” as a combination of my formal name, Storey Len. I carry the name “Moose” as a reminder that laughter and resilience, even in the throws of disaster, will cut through the darkest moments and shine like a beacon. My business had to have a meaning, a memory, and a vision. The only name that made sense was “Stolen Moose Photography.”

I love to tell stories, and I love to drink coffee. When you become a client of Stolen Moose Photography, we will share both. All of our photo consultations are free. Let’s meet over a cup of coffee or tea and discuss your photo session. This is not only a time to discuss your photo vision, but a time to get to know the Moose family. My promise to you is to capture the most amazing moments you hired me to capture. When you want to reveal the gender of your baby, I want you to remember that moment forever. When you find the love of your life and are proposing to spend it together, I want to capture that moment for you. Stolen Moose will be there for you during your amazing occasion.

I truly look forward to working with you,

Storey Len

Stolen Moose

Photos that inspired the beginning of Stolen Moose Photography.